In recent years, psychiatrists have started to recognise adult ADHD as a concept, findings show that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) does not stop when someone turns 18 years old.  Many children are diagnosed with ADHD and some have treatment for it.  This treatment can be very successful or, at least, help them to concentrate on their studies.

Some parents choose not to have treatment for their children but support them by providing boundaries so they can study efficiently.  However, when these children get to university, they often find that they get behind with their work as these external constraints have been removed.

Some parents and teachers simply do not recognise the symptoms of ADHD in childhood and these children may be thought to be lazy, class clowns, not trying hard enough etc. and they often do not perform as well academically as they could.

Adults very often go on to get jobs which they do well at, but when the time comes to take on extra administrative or leadership roles in order to achieve promotion, they are either overlooked, or recognise that they do not have the necessary perseverance to undertake these challenges.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Order for adults involves careful diagnosis, followed by appropriately tailored psychiatric and/or psychological therapy, can change lives quite dramatically.  The treatment of adult ADHD is a little-known psychiatric success story.  Peoples’ lives can be literally transformed overnight.

At Phoenix we can diagnose and treat adult ADHD.  Using a combination of assessment tools, including ASRS v1.1, Barkley and DIVA 2.0, our psychiatrist can make a formal diagnosis and discuss treatment with you.  Once stabilised, you can normally be returned to the care of your GP, who can prescribe on the NHS.  We can then review you yearly in accordance with most NHS protocols.

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